Sunday, November 11, 2007

Getting Lucky At Snug Harbour

Summer. Meandering through Georgian Bay, sometimes there is only one place to go. In Snug Harbour you'll get lucky at Gilly's. The town's no bigger than a boat launch, some cottages for rent, and a few locals who shoot ducks in the fall. Spooky hearing gunshots over the water, but then by that time Gilly's isn't open. Not much is in cottage country after Labor Day. The towns amble on while about half the cottagers who've winterized and retired, hang on until the New Year when many skedaddle down south. Here you get fish and chips, the local pickerel when they haven't run out. Occasionally you'll spot celebrities just about anywhere. There's a Hollywood contingent around Lakes Muskoka, Joseph and Rosseau. Snug Harbour is in the sticks, but there she was, Demi Moore. And then she came over after I gawked at her. Are you ready to order? So there are extra perks in avoiding the fast food corporations. Of course they have muscled in and there are fewer spots like Gilly's and the Magnetawan Inn, and more burgers in the ones left. Before you plunge for one of those, take the time to explore some real Muskoka charm so there'll be some left for your kids.

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