Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Get Your Feet Wet In The Falls

Spring. On the Seguin River, the icy waters bubbling with snowmelt in the bright sun and you're wearing one too many sweaters. You could cool off, but it won't be relaxing. With so much water you would expect waterfalls a little bigger than this one, and there are 22 respectable ones around Bracebridge. In May, the only big spring event in cottage country, is the Bracebridge Festival of the Falls, you should definately check out for other good reasons. Bracebridge itself is a pretty nice town built high over a thundering river. A good place to stop and shop, the small-towners say, tired of jeans and T shirts. The action's beside the big dam downtown, a food fair with local arts and crafts, a children's fair, some wild Fire Department guys who let loose about a hundred thousand toy ducks over the falls, and people rowing after them, and bonus voyageurs and lumberjacks performing, and if you can't find the other 21 falls, well they've got free buses to them. I had some good shots but at low res because of a default setting you get after you replace your dead batteries. I'm a film camera kind of guy.

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